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The FabLab

The FabLab is the creative and fabrication arm of RBX. We collaborate with home builders, DIY customers, contractors and designers to create custom or refurbished pieces. Our work is driven by our passion for building and tinkering combined with our love for a great challenge. Whether it's matching the patina on an antique lamp we're repairing or building a new hood for your custom range, we have the knowledge and experience to get every detail just right.

Our process starts with your vision. We use 3D design software to produce models and renderings for review before we start building, which enables our customer to make design tweaks and get a feel for the finished product. We work hand-in-hand with customers to educate them about the nuances of working with metal, wood, antiques and other materials. Our ultimate goal is to help our customers solve problems and bring your vision to life with sophistication and style.


Fabrication, restoration, woodworking, welding, repairs, electrical, antiques, finishing

The FabLab is for you if:

You bought a piece at RBX and you don't know how to refurbish or refinish it.

You have furniture that needs repairing (antique or new.)

You need something special custom built from scratch.

You need literally anything fabricated.

About Ron Copfer

Ron Copfer is a metal and wood fabrication specialist and a true jack-of-all-trades. He leads the FabLab with the help of several staff members and apprentices. A pipefitter by trade, Ron also has an extensive tech background (he built the first website between Chicago and New York in 1993) and is a past certified nuclear power plant welder. He has founded or co-founded over 16 businesses in the northeast Ohio area. He has a passion for working with his hands, building anything you can dream up and is knowledgeable about almost everything under the sun (except Jes...). Ron loves a good challenge and thrives on solving problems.