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Divert waste for the PLANET, provide valuable material for other PEOPLE & generate PROFIT for yourself

How it Works to Sell Items with RBX

  1. You have material that you think would be a good fit to add to RBX's inventory
  2. You complete Vendor Drop-off Request (form below)
  3. RBX approves items and sends a link to schedule your delivery
  4. You schedule a convenient delivery time
  5. You deliver your materials (the more organized, clean & put-together = the better)
  6. RBX researches, prices, inventories, displays & markets
  7. Customer buys your material from RBX
  8. RBX accountant sends a bill dot com link to complete for direct deposit
  9. RBX pays you 50% of profit the following months
  10. We all smile & do-it-together again

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